According to scientific studies, dental x-rays emit one of the lowest radiation doses performed in tests. Typical exams wich entail 4 bitewings registers about 0.005mSv which is less than 20 minutes of natural background radiation found on a normal day. The exposure is about the same radiation exposure as a short airline flight (1-2 hour Flight). Common also is proper shielding, which reduces even more exposure, lowering any potential risk

The ADA (American Dental Association) recommends every 2 years that patients have dental x-rays done, who are not having problems.

Technology has greatly changed the the field of dental imaging. Changing from film to digital imaging has greatly reduced the amount of radiation dose required.

  • Dental radiation is safer than other types of medical radiation
  • Proper shielding reduces any potential risk even more
  • The change from film to digital has also greatly reduced the dose