Teeth Whitening

Make Your Teeth Look Whiter And Brighter.
Here at Gentle Family Dentistry of Naperville we have taken a conservative approach to bleaching. Bleaching is a safe and effective way to brighten your smile and is a simple and easy process. Two short appointments is all it takes. At your first visit we take an impression of your teeth to make custom trays to specifically fit you. At your second visit we confirm the trays fit comfortably and we review the bleaching process with you. Then take our bleaching material and trays home to bleach in the convenience of your home. Bleach 1-2 hours per day for 3 weeks for a whiter smile. You are in control of your bleaching process. Our home teeth whitening program is a simple, safe, effective way to get a whiter, brighter smile! Give us a call for a free whitening consultation today!

Restoring The Beauty Of Your Teeth With A Natural Look Of White, Composite Restorations.
Choosing the best restorative material is a very important part of a healthy mouth. If a tooth breaks down either to decay or wear a new restoration may be recommended. There are many choices for restoring teeth and dental amalgam, or silver fillings, have been used for many years. At Gentle Family Dentistry we restore teeth with white, composite filings. These newer materials are bonded directly to your remaining tooth structure to enhance the distribution of occlusal forces. Not only do composites have strength, they match your tooth color. Call us for more information.

  • Bleaching is a safe and effective way to brighten your smile
  • Two quick appointments are made in our office to make an impression and review the bleaching process
  • Our take home bleaching system allows you to whiten your teeth at home, at your pace
  • We use white, composite fillings for the best color matching
  • Our fillings are strong and bond directly to your teeth